Three Nights and Four Days

“Three Nights and Four Days”, title itself is so amazing and cheering. The first thought which comes in our mind after listening this title is a trip or a vacation. That’s right. The characters of this book too goes for a vacation. Anil and his ten-year-old daughter Tisha invite recently divorced Sara and her ten-year-old daughter Pari to a three-nights and four-days vacation at a resort in Bandhavgarh National Park.
Anil decides to propose Sara at the end of their vacation but the story takes a twist when Sara calls her stepfather, Jai to join them in the vacation. Another twist, Binata (Who was Jai’s colleague and was hitting on him)  joins them at their vacation. So the story continues where the childrens are trying to control the course of their parents love Story.
To be very honest, I found the blurb of the book very promising, Interesting and funny. I was very excited to know what happened next in the story. The story is very refreshing and a short read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The plots and subplots of the story are beautifully written, without confusions.
I loved the writing style. The whole vacation and it’s concept is good. The Narration has its flow. The book was gripping. Easy language. However there are some unrealistic elements which may be ignored as the story is awesome. The Safari Ride was the best part of the book. It was fun reading it.

Overall, I loved and enjoyed reading the book. appreciations to the author.


HIRANYAKASHYAP: The Narasimha Trilogy Book 2

” Death is not the end but merely a Pause.”

Hiranyakashyap is the 2nd book of the Narasimha Trilogy. Hiranyakashyap is one such mythological character with whom we all are familiar. This book is written in an interesting way. The writing style of Kevin Missal is damn amazing. Anyone can easily become a fan of his writing technique.
🌹 What The Book Holds:
The book revolves around Hiranyakashyap and his Son Prahlad. Hiranyakashyap hates Lord Vishnu but Prahlad was a big Devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hence Prahlad was always against his father’s decision. Later when His father wanted to take revenge from Indra, Prahlad again blocked his father’s path. The story continues with a lot of twists and turns which are extremely interesting and enjoyable. Also, we will meet Holika in this book and her story always chills me down.
🌹 My Opinion About The Book:
First of all, I strongly recommend every reader to read the 1st book of the series before starting this one. Although there is a summary given but it’s way more good to know everything in detail. Coming to the book, I loved the cover of the book. It justifies the story. It’s eye catching. The book was an easy read. The writing style was amazing as well as easy. I loved the narration. The book was gripping. I enjoyed it. The character development is done with great care. The negative character of Holika and Positive character of Prahlad is beautifully portrayed by the author. The ending was very amazing and now I’m extremely excited to read the 3rd book of the series.

🌹 Recommendation:
I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. Mythology Lovers, this is a treat for you but, remember to read the 1st part before starting this one. The book is gripping, It forced me to read it until it ended. Overwhelmed by the story.


“AdyakShar” by Ankur Agarwal is a poetry book. It’s a collection of poems and the primary theme of these poems is “unrequited love”. The title of the book is unique and attractive. I loved the cover of the book. It’s simple scenery but its lovely.

“AdyakShar” is a small book of almost 90 pages. The book has small poems which are meaningful. Understanding poems becomes very easy if the situations described in the poems are common and have been  faced by everyone. The book has situations wgich are very common and must have been faced by everyone out there.
” रिश्तों को हाथों से….
अचानक फिसलते हुए देखा है,
दिल के जज़्बातों को….
सूखे आंसुओंमें निकलते हुए देखा है,
अपनी सिर्फ तक़दीर ही खराब होती….
तो गिला ना करते हम,
हमने अपनी ही धड़कन को….
दिल का साथ छोड़ते देखा है ।। “
There is something about poetry. It binds the situations and emotions together. This book does the same. The book is full of poems. Every page has a different poem which are very meaningful and full of  Emotions. The words used by the author is simple, hence the poems are easily understandable.

“मैं इज़हार कर पाऊँ या नहीं,
मेरी शायरी में जिक्र से समझते तो होगे तुम….
जब जब अपने को आईने में देखते होगे,
मेरे इश्क़ की वज़ह समझते तो होगे तुम !!”
Not only the poems, the poet has also used the titles of every poem very carefully. All the shayaris and poems are perfectly written and finely narrated. I love Poetries and this one is amazing collection. I enjoyed reading it. I definitely recommend this book to every poetry lover as this book has emotions and feelings to its Heights.

Boons and Curses

Boons and Curses by Yugal Joshi

¨Boons and Curses¨ by Yugal Joshi is one of the best and complete mythological books I have read till date. Mythology is a type of genre which everyone can read, there are so many things which one have to feel as well as believe at the same time. I really loved and enjoyed reading ¨Boons and Curses¨ book. Appretitions to the author for writing this book. After reading, I understood the amount of hard work he did before writing the book. Hats off to you Sir.
🌷 What the book holds:
The whole book is a conversation between Krishna and Kunti. Long after the Mahabharata War is finished, Krishna is there at Hastinapur and he is telling stories to Kunti. These stories or subplots as we can say hold everything from Diti, Aditi, Prithvi and stories of Brahma to Kunti and her sons. These subplots also have stories of King Anga, Sunita, Swetaketu, Jabala and Satyakam, Stories of Chandra and Tara. Krishna also told Kunti about Draupadi, Gandhari as well as the Kurukshetra War. In short, we can understand almost all of our Hindu Mythology by reading the book. After having a sudden interest in mythology, I extremely enjoyed reading this book. It’s one of the Best.

🌷 My Opinion About The Book:
The book has a lot of Knowledge and stories inside it. It’s up to the Reader how much they can grasp from it. The writing style is amazing. The narration is perfect. The author was playing the role of a narrator in the book. It was a difficult task but the author has done a great job with the narration of the book. The book is definitely entertaining as well as full of knowledge. It’s interesting and a gripping read. I was hooked to it till the last pages. I loved the way the author had divided the book into chapters such as Ambitions, Protection, Love and Relationship, Independence and Sacrifice. It was very thoughtful from the authors end and very classy from the viewpoint of a Reader.
🌷 Recommendation:
I would surely recommend this book to everyone whatever be the age group. According to me, everyone will enjoy this book. One will get to understand the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata and various other stories in this single book. The author had moved from one story very smoothly. I loved the way Kunti asked questions one by one from Krishna and the way Shri Krishna explained everything to Kunti. I loved the way Kunti is placed at the centre of the story. Kunti Indeed is the strongest female character.


Who doesn’t like children’s book? A book full of illustrations and beautiful pictures. Colourful pages. I really love and enjoy reading children’s book. They are refreshing and gives us a lot of knowledge.
“OG” by Jaonne Hutchinson is one such book which I loved and enjoyed reading. Its a very light and refreshing read. The title of the book is Hort and cute. The cover is colourful, eye-catching, attractive and perfectly illustrated.
The revolves around OG, who is an ogre. He is kind hearted and a good ogre but he looks ugly. A little girl used to read him stories. He loved listening to her. And this friendly story continues in the beautifully illustrated pages of the book.
The language used is simple and great. I loved the impressive narration of the book. Out of everything I extremely enjoyed the beautiful and colorful illustrations which the book has. The plot of the story is cute and lovely. Extremely enjoyable story.

The book is attractive and gripping. I just sticked to it until the end. Beautiful story.  It is a refreshing read.


Sakthi (The Chosen Hexad Book 1) is a Mytho Suspense Thriller book. It’s different but very interesting type of book. The book showcases the war between Good and Evil. The story revolves around the protagonist named Sakthi, who is the daughter of Devaguna and is the Princess of Meghavaz.S he was known for her beauty and smartness.
Sakthi wanted to prove herself that even she can fight and along with her other womens can also fight. The story continues. Appreciations to the author for writing a story which is well thought of. The book is an adventurous roller coaster ride which is full of twists and turns. Every part of it was enjoyable and interesting.
The cover of the book is beautiful. I loved the eye catching colour of it. The title justifies the story of the
the book. At the very beginning, a map is given, which is quite helpful while reading it. The writing style is impressive. Narration is perfect. Characters are strong. Overall, I enjoyed this fast paced book.

Stress to Happiness

In today’s generation, People have a lot of stress. Every time we are upset about something or the other. Stress has become a part of Us and happiness left us. Life must be lived with happiness and not stress. But we don’t know How? For that, Author Udit Kapoor is here with his book “Stress to Happiness”.
“Stress to Happiness” is a great non fiction book. It contains techniques to handle Stress. The title, “Stress To Happiness”, itself discloses a lot about the book. By reading this book, we get an idea how to get far away from Stress and how to get happiness in our life.  The cover is very beautiful and eye-catching.
The book gives an idea of what may happen when a person is in stress (which seems dangerous). Next, the author had penned down three different techniques which with surely help people to get rid of stress. In an easy and understandable language, the author had taught us the way to Meditate.
This book acts as a guide to get a stress-free and  happy life. The techniques discussed by author is not a difficult one. These can be easily performed anytime and at any place. It’s an effective book. It must be read slowly so that one can grasp every detail of it. Overall, I liked it and got to learn a lot from it.

Authors Interview – Rajeev Kumar

Hello guys. I got this golden opportunity to talk and ask few question from Rajeev Kumar, the author of “Meri Aarzoo”. Rajeev Sir was kind enough to answer my questions.

Here is the interview.

  1. What was the first thought which came to your mind that actually persuaded you to write your own book?

I have been writing from the age of 13. Gradually I developed a habit of writing short stories, skit and Drama for Schools & Colleges. But after joining the corporate job I couldn’t dedicate time to keep writing, but one fine day I realized that writing is something which gives me happiness and then I was on track and wanted everyone to be able to read my stories, which finally came out in the form of “Meri Aarzoo”.

  1. How long does it take you to write a book?

It depends, the conventional writer takes a shorter duration, but unlike the budding writer like me it takes time and patience to ensure the book conveys the message.

  1. What were the difficulties you faced in writing this book?

Mainly it was the time I mostly used to get time on weekends where I could spend some time thinking and putting those thoughts in words.

  1. How did your family and friends react when they came to know that you are publishing your book?

There were mixed feelings which I came across amongst my family & peers, some of them were in absolute shock that I have this talent also, and some who knew from the beginning about my habit of writing felt very happy and proud.

  1. Were your family supporting at the time you were writing?

No, they were finding it as an obstruction to the family time we spend together, but later on when the book was published they were really excited and happy about it.

  1. What do you think makes a good story?

A good story is one which is either relatable to the daily happening or any event of life of the reader, or it makes a reader curious about the sequential events that are going to happen next. Moreover, it should also have a social message which the reader can carry throughout his life.

  1. As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Being in middle class there are limited options which one can think of either becoming a Doctor or Engineer or join defence, even my childhood went through these struggles.

  1. Does writing energies or exhaust you?

Writing has always energies me, there have been incidents where I have got up in the middle of night to complete my stories.

  1. Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

Well I really doubt that, if you ask me then a person with emotions can definitely do wonders in writing.

And the last but not the least,

  1. Do you have suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?

There are few basic suggestion or advice which I would want to address

a) Don’t think much on what people would judge on your stories, rather follow your inner conscience and keep writing to get the best out of it.

b) Don’t worry much on the language, one should write in whichever language they are comfortable.

I’m so happy to get these answers. Thank you so much Rajeev Sir.

Swipe Left

SWIPE LEFT by Himanshu Goel

“Swipe Left” is a thriller book or rather we must say it’s a Romantic Thriller. The story revolves around the protagonist Naina who had a break-up and now her friend is trying to send her on a date with new people. I loved reading the story. It’s a very shot story which is thrilling and quite refreshing. The book is a light read which can be easily completed in 10 mins or so.
The book is a combination of suspense, Romance, thriller and mystery. A quick, short, light and refreshing read. Well plotted. Perfectly narrated. Nicely portrayed and strong characters. Interesting read. The cover is beautiful. The title goes well with the story. Overall a fine read.

📚 MY RATINGS: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I Owe You Goodbye

I OWE YOU A GOODBYE by Pooja Khandelwal

“I Owe You A Goodbye”, the title of the book, gives us a lot of idea about what this book is going to be about. The cover is very simple but it’s cute and also, it justifies the title of the novel. The story is very simple and straightforward. There is nothing in the story which is boring.
Overall, the story is nothing new. But, the writing style is unique. The narration is Perfect. The language is easy to understand. The characters are brilliant. The Way of writing the story has kept me hooked till the end of the book. The feelings and emotions of the characters are very well penned down.
With the Protagonist Tanvi, the readers are taken to.the college days. I enjoyed the scenes of college, the lectures and obviously, Friends. The book has love, feelings, emotions and everything. I enjoyed reading it.

📚 MY RATINGS: 🌟🌟🌟🌠