Love A Little Stronger


ove a little stronger is a book which deals with small moments and events from authors personal life. It contains the true stories based on her life and her experiences. Some stories are as sweet as honey while in some we need to extract the sweetness. Life is this this only. One day we have everything, Life seems so perfect and in a blink of an eye something happens which destroys everything. We spend days and nights thinking how cruel Fate is.

Many of the incidents in the book can be easily related to the happenings of our own life. Some chapters made me smile and others didn’t take a chance to wet my eyes. It is a beautiful book which captures small moments of life. This book is written in very humorous way. Her writting skill is very appreciable. You will smile and laugh with the happy moments and chapters of the books and you will also wet your eyes with
the sad moments.I personally believe that making people understand you feelings is really a difficult task and that too through writting is very very much difficult. But Preety Shenoy had written this book in such a way that it feels like we are present in that particular moment of the her life. It seems like we are sharing those moments with her.

The book is very pure. The ending is very emotional. It was a very big surprise for me. I didn’t really thought it would end like this. The way she respects her family and others is appreciable. When I was reading the book, it didn’t seem like I’m reading a book, it was like Preety Shenoy is herself standing before me and expressing all her feelings. This book is that good.

I just loved this book. It’s amazing. Outstanding. Beautiful writting skills. And I must add that this was my first book by Preety Shenoy and later I read one more. This book made me fan of Preety Shenoy.
It is a power booster. Read it when you are stressed you will feel good. It is an amazing weekend read. I recommend this book to each and everyone. Just go for it.

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