My Mute Girlfriend

First of all I would like to thank the author, Himanshu Rai

for trusting me and giving me this review copy.

My Review:-

The story starts when Rohan, a telecom professional, gets a text message of Vaidehi, his mute girlfriend. Rohan, the protagonist tells the story of his school and college days. The story revolves around these two persons, Rohan and Vaidehi. They both were in love and then suddenly one fine day, Vaidehi became mute. She stopped talking to him. And in this way she became His mute girlfriend.

My Mute Girlfriend by Himanshu Rai is a true love story of Rohan and Vaidehi. This books finds the truth behind the muteness of Vaidehi. The life of both the characters changed after she stopped speaking to Rohan. But it was after five long years that he got to know that his success was all because of his love, His Mute Girlfriend. To find out the reason behind the muteness of Vaidehi, please pick up the book and read.

My mute girlfriend is such a book which is not at all dramatic, it feels so real when we read it. This book is very much emotional and has the ability to make a person speechless. The author has covered all the tastes of life:- School, college, hostel, ragging, friendship, love, heartbreaks, success and everything. The book is full of suspense which is finally revealed in the last few pages. The ending was very beautiful and emotional. I literally cried and I cried a lot even after finishing the book. The author has put some chapters in letters format. Through this the other characters of the book also got a chance to speak their heart out. These are some parts which feels completely realistic.
Moreover I must say, I didn’t liked the cover very much. According to the story it must be more beautiful and attractive but that doesn’t matter when the story is this good. I remembered Ravinder Singh’s “I Too Had A Love Story” after reading the book. So in one word the book is amazing and fabulous. I recommend this book to every couple and all romance lovers.

My Ratings:- šŸŒ šŸŒ šŸŒ šŸŒ šŸŒ 

This book will always remain close to my heart ā™„ļø

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