Im-Passionate Love

First of all I would like to thank the author, Rishabh Singh for sending me this book that too with his signature.

My Review:- Im-Passionate Love is a short story of Rishabh. He fell in love with a girl when he went to his friend’s birthday party. It was love at first sight. Later he got to know that the girl Annanya also liked him. He took a lot of time and then finally proposed Annanya. Annanya accepted his proposal and they both gets committed. They were very happy with each other. Then suddenly Annanya’s behavior towards Rishabh changed. She started ignoring him. Rishabh’s call went unanswered. She don’t even reply his text messages. Rishabh thought that she might be in some problem. On the day of their 1st Anniversary she broke up with Rishabh without giving any reason. With a broken heart he met with an accident. During his time in hospital he got to know that her classmate Rupali is in love with him from a long time. He began spending time with Rupali and the story ends when Rishabh finds Annanya and his friend Adarsh together. That time Annanya confess that she never loved him and was just using him as a time pass material.

The cover of the book is really very good but I found the story below expectations. I know he is a debut author and he will change himself as he start writing other books. The story was good but according to me it went very fast. It was more like a short story. I must add that there were some very cute moments in the book. Also some of the lines were very nice. I really appreciate the shayari which got a place in the book. As per my reading I think the story ended very immediately. I think it’s incomplete and the author can work on its sequel.

It’s a very simple and easy read. I recommend it specially for the beginners as the story is short, language is easy and book is beautiful, the beginners will really love it. I really appreciate the author. In a very young age he has written this Book and got it published. So a lot of best wishes to the author and I’ll really wait for the next book.

My Ratings:- 🌟🌟🌟.🌠

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