And We Walked Away

Abhimanyu, a renowned author, revisits his college almost after a decade. He was invited as a chief guest by the Dean of the college. As soon as he visits his college his mind travels in the past. Every corner of the college the gate, the canteen, the auditorium, the banyan tree (which is now uprooted), everything reminds him of his college days, his friends and his love “Naina”. He was the kind of boy who believes in true love. He proposed Naina many times but everytime she friend-zoned him. He even convinced her after being friend-zoned but Naina remained at her decision.

This is a beautiful rather I must say a very cute love story of Abhi and Naina of their college life. This book you definitely remind anyone of their college days. There are very cute moments related to college days, the boring lectures, 75% attendence, smoking, drinking, love, friendship, misunderstandings, fights, valentines day and everything.

This book doesn’t contains romance which I liked the most because every love story I read has a lot of romance. The author talked about true feelings and I think it’s very good as now a days we can’t find true love and feelings anywhere. People switch partners as they are switching off and on the lights.

The most beautiful moment in the book was the hug in the garden. Naina asked for a hug and Abhi being a Shahrukh Khan fan hugged her very romantically. It was my favourite part of the book. The dinner and lunch dates were very beautifully described by the author. Overall I’m in love with the book.
The ending was very much beautiful and it was a surprise not only for Abhi but also for the readers. The ending went very well with the title of the book ” AND WE WALKED AWAY”.I suggest this book to everyone. Read and live your college life once again.

My Rating:- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌠

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