Sin Is The New Love

Ahi Chatterjee is a young girl with beautiful eyes whose father is the Director General of the Kolkata Police. Ahi has started her own publishing house – Ankur along with her best friend Samim.

The real story starts when a manuscript of her favourite author reaches her table in the publication house. She travels to Noida to find the truth and most importantly get a signature in the manuscript to publish them. There she met Abhimanyu Rathore, the ACP. They both were in love with each other.

This novel was a thriller one. It was full of suspense. The story don’t really end on the last page of the book, It actually ended on the first two pages. It was really really amazing work of the author. I really appreciate him for everything. The way he started and ended the was was different. Explanation of the scenes were brilliant as if I was just there walking with the characters of the book.

This book contains suspense, thrill, love, romance, betrayal and everything. Every turning page brings another suspense to the story. Ahi got to know about her past. She got to know many details about his favourite author’s life. When the story began, The Author Mr Devang Awasthi was already dead. Now the question was – Devang Awasthi committed suicide or he was murdered? Now to know this answer plz go and read it.

Sin Is the New Love, the title of the book exactly matches with the story. It’s an amazing Mindblowing and enjoyable suspense thriller. I’m in love with the ending. I strongly really recommend this to everyone. It’s a fabulous story. Please read it.

My Rating:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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