Decoding life post 8|11

First of all I would love to thank the author,

for giving me the opportunity to review this wonderful book. Decoding life post 8|11 is set in the time of demonetization. It was the time when our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi declared that the legal Rs 500 and 1000 rs notes are not atall legal now. The money which were very valuable an hour ago are now only piece of papers. The story revolves around Arjun, the protagonist, who struggled a lot with his friends after the demonetization. The book starts with the elopement of Arjun and Meher but the elopement failed due to demonetization. Later they were separated by Meher’s sister, Riva. A phone call from Sunny made him forget everything. He ran back to Howrah as soon as he got to know about the accident of Sunny’s mom, Kiran Aunty. He solved the problem of cash as it was difficult to arrange money at the time of demonetization. Arjun met his ex, Nisha at the hospital, who somehow began taking care of Sunny after his mom’s dismissal. Everyone got a shock when Sunny revealed that he is a HIV patient. Nisha took care of Sunny and Arjun gets attracted towards her knowing the fact that she is going to marry Dr. Sanjiv. What happens next in story, no no I’m not gonna tell you that. Pick up the book and find out whome do Nisha choose and also what happens to Sunny, Nisha and Arjun.

First of all I really appreciate the author for choosing such a wonderful topic. The book just very on very beautifully. The way of writting is brilliant. The story was fantastic. I loved each and every character. Also every issue related to demonetization was there in the book. This book is Wonderful. It’s Amazing. The story went on smooth. The unexpected twists keep me hooked. The climax was a surprise. I didn’t thought about it to happen.I really loved reading it. Recommended to everyone!!

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