Sometimes It Happens

Thanx to the author for trusting me and sending me the review copy.

My Review:-

The story revolves around Gautam, who is in love with a girl 12 years older than his age. He feels attracted towards her and it was same from the other side as well. Rohit, Gautam’s best friend made him aware of the various situations and conditions that he might face after marrying Roshni. To give himself some time and space he travelled to Singapore for his company’s temporary work which was scheduled for 1 year. But within a month Gautam realised his mistake and he returned back to Mumbai. What happened in Singapore? What was Gautam’s realisation? Who made him realise his mistake? What did he realise? To know the answers of so many questions, grab the book and start reading.

I really appreciate the author for choosing such a wonderful topic in his book. In India the age plays a major role in marriage. Do, choosing this topic was really great from authors part. It’s a beautiful love story. I was hooked to the book till the end. The story line was good. Writting style is very easy. For me, the story was quite interesting. It’s a medium paced book. It has interesting story line. It is a simple and light read. It can result in a very nice weekend read. This book has a very beautiful cover and I really loved it. The book shows a very rare situation (Girl being older than boy) and I liked that a lot.

Moreover I must add while having such an amazing story, the book is lacking the twist and turn. Without any twist the story becomes very simple. Will be waiting for authors next book.

My Rating:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠

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