In Love With Simran

My Review:-
Story starts with the murder of Sanjana’s best friend “Simran”. Being a best friend, Sanjana decided to find out the murderer. She had a doubt on Mr. Nik Sethi. He was the person Simran was in love with and also Simran was pregnant with Nik’s baby. The story further takes many twist and turns, and finally Sanjana married Nik Sethi.
What happens further in the story?
What made Sanjana marry Nik, a murderer?
Who murdered Simran and why?
Getting excited??
Then what are you Waiting for? Pick up the book now and start reading. Find out what happened next in the story. I bet you won’t dislike it.

Starting from the cover, I must say the book has a brilliant cover. It’s attractive and the colour is so preety that it will easily catch anyone’s attention. Story is brilliant. It’s full of suspense. One can read this book in just one sitting. This is so amazing that it was difficult for me to put it down. The story had many twists and turns which kept in hooked to the book till the end. Story line is brilliant and it is medium paced. Dialogues are well written. Description of the scenes are Wonderful. The love scenes are beautifully described. Overall the book is amazing. It’s difficult to put it down once you start reading.

Moreover I must add, the ending was a little below expectations. I’m saying this because the whole story had twist and turns and when the story goes in this way we expect for a stunning climax. According to me it was missing but without it as well the book is super awesome. Give it a try. You won’t regret.

My Rating :- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠

Recommended to everyone. If mystery and suspense is not your genre then also give it a try. It’s superb book.

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