Small Towns Love

Thanx to the author for sending me the review copy.

My Review:- The story revolves around four main characters – Alankrit, Sarita, Himansu and Jhanvi. Book starts with the description of all the characters and also their way of thinking towards life. The setting of the story is in a small town of UP. All of them.fall in love with each other, but as we know falling in love is very easy during teenage but staying in love is really very difficult. Their love is very innocent. There is no selfishness.
What happened when they became mature?
Was the love still there?
Did the maturity broke their love?
Know the answer of all these questions. Grab the book and start reading.

Starting from the cover, I must say the cover is very normal. It should be more beautiful and stunning. Moving on to the story, I must say that the story is very normal. it’s straight forward. It just goes on. The story lacks the twist and turns which according to me is very compulsory for any book as it gives crunch and munch to the story.
There is very simple romance in the book. Writting style is also very simple and easy. The emotion of heartbroke and pain is perfectly written. The book contains all the essence of life – Love, Friendship, betrayal and many others. It shows various ups and down which was appreciable. It’s a light read.

Moreover, I want to add that there are many grammatical mistakes in the book. Uses of punctuation is lacking in whole book. Editing is not that good. Also I must say, for me the book was a bit boring due to the absence of twists. Will wait for it next time.

My Rating:- 🌟🌟🌟

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