“Accident rescue services”
Firstly I would like to thank the author, for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing motivational book.
Daredreamers is an adventurous story of the protagonist. The book revolves around Rasiq – the protagonist. He is an IIT IIM Graduate. He starts working as an investment banker in Mumbai. His life was going on very normal and then suddenly one day an idea strikes in his mind. He teams up with five uniquely talented superheros to start a rescue venture and named it “DareDreamers”.
Nick: A crazy inventor;
Halka: An inhumanly strong man;
Arjun: A champion shooter;
Natasha: A bollywood stunt-double;
Dr Vyom: A medical Sherlock Holmes;
and Rasiq: The mastermind.
After their establishment they began to get some negative attention from rival company. Their skyrocketing success, however, comes at a price – An enemy hell bent on tearing down their fame amd reputation.
Wanna know what happens next?
Will DareDreamers defeat it’s wily adversary?
Or will it become yet another failed startup?
Grab the book and start reading now….
💐 Starting with the cover I must say that cover is just brilliant and beautiful. It shows the spirit all in itself. I really love the concept and appreciate the author for this.
💐 The characters are unique and author had made them very likeable. The relation between father and son is brilliant. The equation between the characters are superb.
💐 The language is very simple. It’s an easy read. Plot is medium paced. The description of various missions are beautifully explained. I appreciate the tight narration done by the author.
💐 Moreover I must add that some parts seemed that they were dragged too much but overall the book was amazing and it’s an interesting read.
Recommended to everyone 👍
Ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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