The Day He Was Gone

“We need to feel safe. Not from the outer world but from our own self. We try to build an armor with all positive thoughts around us, yet some words have the power to pierce through it and make us feel empty.”
❤️Thanq so much to the author, @anjumawasthi for sending me this book all the way to me.❤️
🌹 The story revolves around the main character, Reeva Panchal. She worked in a workshop. She loved her work a lot. The story starts when Reeva got a marriage proposal by a businessman, Agnivesh Solanki. Reeva’s life changed 4 years ago. Her parents says she wasn’t able to take her grandfather’s death. But was this the only reason? She began to have nightmares.
There are many more twists and turns.
🍂 What happened 4 years ago?
🍂 Did she marry Agnivesh Solanki?
🍂 What was her pasts?
🍂 What were the nightmares?
You will find many such questions as you move further with the story. To find out the answers, please get the book and read. It won’t disappoint you.
🌹 Review:-
🐍 The cover of the book is very simple. According to me it’s dark colour is very attractive.
🐍 The characters are beautifully portrayed. I loved the way author had developed the characters. I think the characters are the strong point of the book.
🐍 The language of the book is simple yet powerful. It’s understandable.
🐍 The book is full of suspense. I appreciate the way the book is written with lots of twists and turns. The suspense is carried to the last pages and I was hooked to the book.
🐍 This was not a simple romance book. It is catchy. It will help you in your personal life as well.
🌹 Ratings:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
This book really deserves this.

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