The Journey Traveller With In

“Keep a critic near you in your backyard,
and he will clean you without soap or water”
Thanq so much Author for giving me this amazing book.
Sorry for the delay!!
🌲 The Journey – Traveller With In is not just a self-help book, but its also a book with deep meanings. It tells us about soul searching which in itself is a deep and powerful word. This book will help in seeking our inner truth. It’s for the ” Search of Self Realization”.
The book is divided into Six chapters and each chapter has a different concept which will help one to find themselves. There are also some concepts related to science and mathematics.
🌲 Review:-
🥀 The Journey is a very different book. I’m really happy to have it in my collection. It’s a book of self realisation and self catering.
🥀 The book is written in a simple manner. The main intension of the author behind writting this book is to make readers realise the important aspects of their life.
🥀 There are various points that I learnt while reading the book. They are:-
🍄 To question yourself.
🍄 To analyze everything.
🍄 Never Give-Up.
🍄 The ultimate destination is the answer.
and many more….
🥀 It’s a must read for knowing about self-realization. Read the book to bring a change within yourself.
🥀 The language is not too simple but it’s understandable.
🥀 It’s not light but a heavy read.
🌲 Rating:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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