Something I Never Told You

“Sometimes all you need is a little trust. Trust what life offers you, take a deep breath and let go of all your inhibitions. Once you do that, life presents you to all the miracles it is capable of.”
Thank You so much Writersclubbhopal for the review copy.
The story revolves around the protagonist Raunak or Ronnie and the girl he loved, named Adira. Ronnie knew that his first crush was way out of his league, and yet he pursued and wooed Adira. He couldn’t believe it when the beautiful Adira actually began to reciprocate, falling in love with him for his simplicity and honesty. Slowly, as they get close and comfortable with each other, life takes on another hue. There are fights and Things begin to change for the worst.
🌳 What happened next?
🌳 Were Ronnie and Adira together?
🌳 Why did they had fight?
🌳 Were they able to make things work between them?
Grab this book and get ready for an emotional roller-coaster ride.
🐞 Review:-
🌷The cover is very beautiful and attractive. It justifies the book as well as the title. The one who reads the book will know why the title is So.
🌷 It is a Romance book. The language is quite easy. It is easily understandable. The book is medium paced.
🌷 Each and every character are well developed and loveable. I really appreciate the author for this great job. The dialogues were beautifully portrayed.
🌷 Moreover, I must add, the starting of the story was quite interesting, but it really became boring in the middle. The book gains interest at the very end which I really loved. The ending was emotional. It has the power to bring the tears of the readers. I appreciate the author for a beautiful and emotional ending.
🐞 Ratings:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Recommended to ROMANCE LOVERS πŸ’–

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