Just Missed

“Marriage to me is more than compatibility and helping each other in pursuing dreams. I think it’s an emotional bond between between two that gets them so close to each other that they feel like being one.”
Thank you so much to the author Himanshu Bhatiya for the book.
The story revolves around Siddharth and Shreya mainly. (But some more interesting characters joins them in their story). While we try to arrange marriages by matching horoscopes and compatibilities, we forget at times that “marriages are made in heaven”. Siddharth Gupta (lovingly called Sid) is an ISB alumnus, who is an ambitious perfectionist. In his matrimonial search, Sid meets Shreya Malhotra, who herself is an IIM graduate and very career oriented. He finds Shreya the epitome of the “Beauty with Brains” tag and develops a crush on her almost instantly. They were going towards soon to be married state, but is life so simple?
The story takes a turn while in a friends bachelorette party Shreya met Shivam malhotra, an IITian.
Just Missed! is a journey of a practical arranged crush, chased by crazy filmy love.
If you love reading bollywood tadka or if you are in a stress, searching for stress buster, GO FOR THIS ONE. ITS PERFECT 👍.
💐 Review:-
🐞 I liked the cover of the book. The title justifies the book.
🐞 The language of the book is very simple and easy flowing. The characters are well developed. The author had done a fav job with their personality.
🐞 The book describes the human emotions and complications. The emotions of the characters are very relatable. The plot is very good and the Narration is perfect.
🐞 Moreover I must add, according to me the blurb tells the whole story and nothing remains suspicious.
Also, the story has bollywood tadka and so I think the story became cheesy at some places. But, I really appreciate the author for balancing everything perfectly specially at the ending.
💐 Rating:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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