The Anonymous

“Sometimes, unexpected things happen when you are expecting the most; and sometimes good things happen when expected the least.”
Thank you so much to the author, Nidhi Kukreja for sending me the #reviewcopy.
Apologies for the delay in written review.
The Anonymous is the thrilling story of Natasha, a victim of #sexualviolence, assault, #harassment, and rape, who was once a happy and cheerful girl, but she is now cold, heartbroken and weak! During her recovery, she was dragged into a vicious cycle of nightmares by the letters, that just wouldn’t let her move on.
Join this thrilling rollercoaster ride with Natasha to find out How she moved on in her life and who was the one behind her recovery❓
Also, who was behind her sexual harassment❓
🐎 My #Review:-
🐣 The cover of the book is very simple. It has a lot of hidden feelings in it. The cover and the title both justifies the cover. Read the book to know how❓
🐣 The language is very simple. Narration is Wonderful. The story is east going and it is easily understandable.
🐣 The characters are brilliantly portrayed. Each and every character is been defined.
🐣 The book has amazing twists and turns, which hooks the reader till the end. The book is an amazing page-turner. It’s thriller and attracts the reader right from page one.
🐣 Hats-off to the author for choosing this amazing topic for the book. Each and every pages didn’t took a chance to give me goosebumps. The story was emotional and authors feelings can be felt while reading.
🐎 Ratings:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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