Rebirth Of Love in 2060

“Remember Karthi. Life doesn’t end with death. Love doesn’t end with death. Love is eternal! These are the last words, which Karthi’s grandfather, Bala says to him, which makes him think about love again and again.‘Love’ for people living in 2060 has become a temporary emotion.”
Thank you author, Vignesh SV for giving me the review copy of this book.
Bala, a 69 year old, dies with grief in a few hours after his wife’s death.Karthi,being so close to his grandparents,decides to explore about their love and reaches out to Bala’s friends along with his friends Ramesh and Sharaz.
🐈 Will Karthi and his friends get to know the story completely or will end up missing a few pieces of the puzzle?
🐈Will they get to know the meaning of Love?
🐈Will all their questions be answered?
🐈Will Karthi find the exact reason behind his grandfather’s final words and fulfil his grandmother’s last wish?
🍒 The cover of the book looks pretty good and beautiful with light colours. The Title is very unique and different.
🍒 The language is very easy and it’s very good for a beginner who wanted to get attached to books. The characters are well portrayed and I really loved the characters of Bala.
🍒 The author had given a kick-start to this book. Along with the love story, the book has the spices of the bonding between friends I.e Friendship.
🍒 The setting of the story is in future where people don’t value love, or can say, people will completely forget the meaning of love. The author had tried something very new, very different.
🍒 I’m very fond of love stories, but this one didn’t fulfilled my expectations.But, Though it’s meant to make people understand the meaning of love, it’s sweet and beautiful.
🍒 The narration of the book is fine. Moreover I want to add that the book contains a lot of characters, which I don’t think it required. I liked the blurb of the book very much.
#Ratings:- 🌟🌟🌟🌠

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