The Paintbrush

“The moment you look into the minds of the people, all you will find is darkness. You will be shocked to find so many shades of black”.
“What is the exact measure of sorrow that can actually break an artist?”
The story revolves around a boy named Raman. Growing up in a slum in one of the neglected corners of Bhalar, Raman is the gifted kid whose fingers can weave magic on paper. One night, with his mom’s help, he escapes from the hell hole and starts a new life, just like a new sketch, in a town far away. His life changes and took many twists.
An artist in him was searching for his masterpiece, a painting that would be a mystery to him as well.
but years later her daughter made him realise that she was looking for the masterpiece in a very wrong place.
Who was Raman❓ What’s his story❓
What was hthe correct place to search his masterpiece❓
🚩 #Review:-
❇️ The cover of the book is mind-blowing. It justifies the Story. When you will read, you will get to know the correct meaning of the cover.
❇️ Amazing plot, Different story, beautiful picturization, Nice characterisation and fabulous twists and turns. The story was to the point, starting from first page.
❇️ The ending was very beautiful and just perfect. Each page brings a new twist. Everything unexpected happened in the book, like everything. I just loved it.
❇️ The book is full of feelings, emotions, friendship, love, betrayal. There are many such moments which will leave no stone unturned to shock you. It’s a mixture of emotions.
❇️ If you are looking anything other than normal genra, then dear, this one is for you. Go for it. It won’t disappoint you.
🚩 Rating:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Highly Recommended 👍👍

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