“The easiest thing in the world is to underplay someone else’s success.”
Thank you so much pristine books for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing book.
‘Why MBA?’ is one of the most haunted questions every B-school aspirant has to answer in an interview.
The story revolves around Jay, who gets an admission in the best B-school of India without knowing an answer to the question ‘Why MBA?’ Nevertheless, in his journey, he meets two friends, Abhimanyu and Ishaan, who have an answer to this question. For Abhimanyu it’s money, whereas for Ishaan it’s passion. By the end of Jay’s journey, he faces the dilemma–money or passion!
❇️ What would Jay choose?❇️ Will Abhimanyu and Ishaan regret their decision of single-minded persuasion of money and passion?❇️ Will B-school journeys of Abhimanyu and Ishaan help Jay in making the final decision?
Join this amazing journey of a MBA student and remember your college days.
🎁 #Review:-
🎈 The tittle of the book is very different and very catchy. I haven’t seen any title like this ever. It was very attractive for me and by its title itself I feel like reading the book.
🎈 The dark cover of the book looks beautiful.
🎈 Amazing plot. Fantastic storyline. Awesome characterisation. Superb story.
🎈 With all the essence of life journey, the story is an amazing read. It will take you to your college days. The book describes the college days and education system in a very realistic way.🎈 Language is very easy and understandable. Everyone can easily connect with the characters.
The story is very well relatable to every college student.
🎈 The author had done a fabulous job in every aspects. From the characters to the scene, everything is perfect.
🎁 #Ratings:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Recommended 👍👍

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