They Go To Sleep

“Ever since cameras were invented in 1839, photography has kept company with death.”
Thank you so much Bookstagrambellas and author Saugata Chakraboraty for sending me the review copy.
They go to sleep is a collection of short stories of ordinary people and the choices that they make under extraordinary circumstances.
🌹 The cover of the book is very dark, very attractive. It goes very well with the stories in the book. It has be designed brilliantly.
🌹 The book consists of short stories. There are situations in some stories on which the author can actually write novels. These were short stories so when we start getting thrilled, the story ends and the suspense is broken. But if considered as short story, each story is brilliantly written.
🌹 The language used in the book is not very simple. It’s standard writing. The author had done a Wonderful task by writing in such manner. Appreciation for the author.
🌹 The characters in the stories are very different.
in some stories the characters are very strong but in some they needs some extra efforts.
🌹 Moreover I must add that the story needs some more editing. For me the stories at some places became very boring and that’s why I really took a lot of time to complete the book. But overall it’s an average read.
Ratings:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Recommended to the readers who are interested in short stories.


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