Blood and Beloved

πŸ“š BOOK πŸ“š:- BLOOD AND BELOVED .. Blood and Beloved, India’s first Gothic horror poetry collection, includes abstract, horror, and Gothic themes such as darkness, psychological horrors, child-rape, death, etc. Each poem from the book showcases elements of melancholy, depression, mania, occult, a darker philosophy of life, and the like. With a vivid, dark imagery, the book aims at being a fusion of the horror and poetry genres. . .Review:- ..🍩 Starting with the cover, I must say that the cover is very simple yet nice. The Black background and black and red shade is really attractive. But according to me, it could have been more good..🍩 I really loved the title. It goes very well with the book. It’s attractive and attention seeker..🍩 This is a poetry book. It contains poems, based on horror genre. There are more than 40 poems in the book and it is capable to give goosebumps..🍩 The topics of the poems are:- Death, child rape etc, which itself has the horrifying power..🍩 The poems has very good narrative skills. It has the power to catch the readers to itself. It’s catchy..🍩 Appreciations to the author for writing so well. The way of language used in the book is quite amazing..🍩 Overall it’s a Nice read.Ratings:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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