Author’s Interview

♠️ Interview ♠️
A conversation with Manajit Ghoshal, author of The Journey…
Question:- Tell me about yourself?
Author:- I am an entrepreneur in the digital media space. I run a company, Orion Consulting. I started my career in finance and then moved to business roles. I was always interested in travelling and in reading books. Writing a book was always there on my bucket list.

Question:- What inspired you to write your story❓
Author:- As a professional and as an entrepreneur, I have seen many stories unfold. As a keen traveller I have been to most parts of the globe. Stories always fascinated me. They left an impact and I wanted to leave an impact on my readers mind too. .
Question:- What was the best part of your journey of writing the book?
Author:- When I started writing, I took it as a literary pursuit. By the time I finished, I realised it was a journey within. A self discovery without which my life would have been incomplete.
Who is your favourite author?
Oh! There are so many. But Sydney Sheldon and Dan Brown would rank at the top.
The author was very kind to answer my questions. I have read the book by Manjit Ghoshal, THE JOURNEY. I really loved the book. Easy language, beautiful storyline, Amazing plot, superb characterisation and fabulous narration. If you want to read something interesting, and of the time of partition, go for this one.


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