Do you love reading Poetry❓
THANK YOU to the author, Yash Singhania, for giving me the opportunity to read this amazing poetry book.
Poetry has always been my favourite. I love reading poems. It has a pleasure which no one can give. Poems have the ability to make us think of situations. It has emotions, love, hate, and everything. It makes us question ourselves. Poems is the best way to express. Among all the poetry I loved the book “A CYNIC’S SHADOW”.
Have you ever seen A smiling man cry? Of course you have. You are crying on the inside too.. A Cynic’s Shadow, is a collection of poems that explore the ailments of a melancholic man, whose enticing screams are beautiful when inked.
The book has a captivating cover. I love the book as well as the cover the book. The author has expressed every emotions of a human being very beautifully. The book has all the emotions such as love, hate, heartbreak, betrayal etc.
Appreciations to the author for writing such an amazing book. The book has the power to express. This book has beautiful collection of poems Which touched my heart. The poems are short and very relatable. One can easily read it in one go.
The poem has very deep feelings. sometimes you even have to turn the page and read it twice to understand the feelings. The book has a power of attraction It will keep you hooked until the end. If you are a poetry lover you must go for it. And if you are not into poetry, you must start from here.
Rating:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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