#Qotd:- What is your views on Love Marriage❓
“If a wedding is a tie that connect two hearts, then love is the cementing element that supports and make the bond stronger.”
Author:- Swati Kumari
Varushka is a young and ambitious girl, hoping to make her career before ‘settling down’ and making babies. But like always, her parents have a different plan. After tasting emotional blackmail, requests and even bribes, She is forced to make the choice between her dreams and her parents’ wish. Her confusion vanishes when she meets Mitash. He is an eligible bachelor, living his life the way he wants. They are soon married and settled in Amsterdam, enjoying each other’s company and redefining love in their own special way.
But then, what leads them to a divorce, that too a happy one? Is life about making deals with one’s self, to create the destiny one wants?
💞 Cover:-
The cover of the book is very simple and cute. The couple sitting there directly indicates the romanticism of the novel. The title is apt, justifies the story.
💞 Language:-
The language used in the book is very lucid. It’s easily understandable. Appreciations to the author for writing in such an amazing way. Beginners can also read this book. With a nice thinking and beautiful storyline, the story is powerful. Beautiful narration.
💞 Characters:-
The author had worked a lot on the characters. Each and every character has its own place in the book. I personally liked the character of Varushka. Her aim of getting settle before marriage is what I believe the most.
💞 Overall:-
Overall, the book is good. It’s a short and simple a one time read. I was hooked and completed it in just one day. It can be a fabulous Weekend read. With a cold-coffee in one and Book in other hand, you can enjoy your summers.
Moreover, I wanna add that, the cover is amazing but it doesn’t go with the plot of the book. The people with backward mentality is very well Portrayed in the story. However after half of the book, you can easily understand the story.
RATING:- 🌟🌟🌟🌠

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