Impact of Cricket on Youngest Indian

#qotd:- Do you watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 matches?
” Persona is like Air that can’t be seen; but it exist everywhere, invisibility”.
Book:- Impact of Cricket on the Youngest Indian
Author:- Anand Raj
Description:- “Impact of Cricket on the Youngest Indian” is explicit in itself. Though, the book has been written in three parts keeping its essence for the readers. These are:-
a.Genesis of Cricket.
b.Impact of Cricket.
c.Gist of Cricket.
The cover and Title very well goes with the book. It actually shows what the book wanted to convey.
🏏 Plot:
This is a non-fiction book, which will tell you everything about the game Cricket. It consist of three sections (given above). The book can be called as an encyclopedia of Cricket. It contains everything, right from the first ODI played in 1844 along with the first test match played from 15 to 19th March 1877 at Melbourne Cricket Ground between Australia and England.
Also, in the third section of book, the author had described each and every rules and laws related to the game. A person who is interested in playing cricket or want to be a cricketer must read this book. Though it’s non-fiction, yet it’s interesting read.
🏏 Language:
The author had used very easy and simple language to convey his words to the readers. The book is an interesting and a light read. A cricket fan must know about the history and that is discussed in this book in a very simple manner.
🏏 Overall:
As I’m a cricket lover, I personally enjoyed this book very much. I really believe that cricket binds the people. There were situations which I can really relate to as a cricket fan like, the author had mentioned about the hootings and shoutings of the fans while watching the match (doesn’t matter you are at home or at the stadium), so it was completely relatable as I does the same at home. The book is fantastic. I’m really happy to have it in my collection.
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠

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