Wild World

“Humans are just mean to us animals whether we live in the Jungle or we live with them, they just know how to use us. I hate humans.”
Book: WILD WORLD The adventures of Bali and Bhola.
Author: Deepak Arora
Bali, the langur, decides to move back into the Wild World after getting fed up of chasing monkeys in the city. Bhola, the bear, escapes to the jungle from the brutalities of his human owner to lead a happy and satiated life.
On the night of Bali’s welcome party, Bali saves Raja, the tiger, from the bullets of a poacher.
The other animals are impressed and request him to go back to the city and help Rani, the tigress, to escape from the City Zoo.
Wild World is a whacky and hilarious tale of a runaway langur and an ever hungry bear who join paws to save the jungle from becoming a human colony.
The cover of the book is very beautiful and look is very attractive. It goes very well with the book. Bali, Bhola, Raja and Rani are shown in the cover (read the book to know them). The title is very catchy and it also goes with the book. Extremely attractive and Amazing.
As it’s a children’s fiction, the language is very easy, simple and understandable. In a very easy way, the author had described something very amazing. Hats off to the author for writing extremely well.
The characters are developed very nicely by the author. Each and every character here has a role to play. Among all the characters, Bali and Bhola are my favourite ones. Bali because he is like a hero, a gentleman in this book and Bhola because he is foodie and always wants to eat something or other.
Overall, it was a nice and entertaining read for me. Though, there are places which doesn’t seem realistic, but then again, this is a fiction and that too children’s fiction, so this was expected and I loves that. The author had given a brilliant message through this book. The jungles are decreasing, humans are continuously killing the animals, so all this must stop and Animals must be given their place to live peacefully.
The story was adventurous. Grab the book and join this adventure.

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