Firstly I would like to thank Aditiya Nighhot for trusting me and giving me a golden opportunity to review this Masterpiece.

My Review:-
Yes this book is really a masterpiece. The book starts with a murder case and rather the mystery is solved of the murder case through flashback and a cute love story. This story has five main characters – Rohit, Aisha, Alok, Neha and Kriti and the story revolves around them. They are the medical students and the setting of the story is a medical college in pune. Rohit and Alok were best friends and they share same room in the college hostel. On the other hand Aisha and Neha were close friends and they shared room. The story goes with Rohit and Aisha’s friendship which soon turns into love. They loved each other very much and also they respected each other. Rohit became a changed person just because of Aisha. She was good in studies and later she started helping Rohit in studies. Rohit even stopped drinking as Aisha doesn’t like his drinking attitude. Aisha and Rohit were about to get married after their studies with their parents permission. The story goes well until a very dangerous twist, That twist just changed the life of everyone, the characters in the story and also person reading it.
So what was the twist?
No no I’m not going to tell that?
Just go, Grab the book and read as soon as possible. It’s that good.

The story is just amazing. It’s fabulous. I completed it in just two days. It will attract you in such a way that you will find it difficult to close the book and keep it aside. I was just hooked in it and I couldn’t stop after page no 170. With the twist in the tale I went on reading and crying. Yes I cried and I cried a lot. It was painful. Now I know why this book is the “Best Romance Book of the Year”.

The book is really beautiful. you can say this by just looking at its cover. It’s just too beautiful and attractive. The story is amazing. The way of writting is brilliant. You will get attached to it. It a mind-blowing master piece. I appreciate the way of writting and the topic which the author wanted to highlight is just so brilliant. I wish you all the very best for future and waiting for your next book.

My Rating:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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